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Actionable Analysis: Analyze hundreds of US and Canadian ETFs and individual equities using classical quantitative tools used by sophisticated institutions to guide your trading and portfolio management decisions. We provide guidance on when to buy, hold, or sell and when to consider reducing or increasing your position. You can compare which ETFs or stocks are the best or worst performers across multiple time frames, and which are the least or most volatile. We also provide a focus list to narrow down which ETFs or stocks are the most bullish or bearish in the intermediate term using our quantitative analysis.

Organize Your Decision-Making: With so many ETFs and equities out there to choose from it is difficult to find what you are looking for to buy in your portfolio. Our comprehensive database of ETFs and individual equities are organized in logical categories such as asset classes, sectors, industries and factors in order to make it easier to follow global markets and to find the right investments.

Economic Insights: Are we in a recession? How will the strength of the economy affect my investments? No more need to listen to economists on TV! Our proprietary economic model uses advanced machine-learning to analyze up to 50 different economic indicators to determine whether economic conditions are improving, stable, or deteriorating. Most importantly, the model was trained to determine how movements in the economic indicators would affect the entire stock market index using the S&P500. Unlike the economists on TV, our model provides actionable predictions and has an objective track record. Subscribers can see the history of the predictions going back to 1961 and the accuracy of the predictions as well as the relative importance of different economic indicators within the current model. Investors can use the economic model predictions as a useful alternative to guide their asset allocation and portfolio management.

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