Our Firm

CSS Analytics specializes in helping institutions create alpha-generating strategies for portfolio management.  Our unique focus is on creating long/short and market neutral portfolios for stocks, futures, and ETFs.  CSS Analytics builds products and consulting services to meet each individual client’s specific needs with customized solutions, content, formatting, and delivery.  All of the details required for successful implementation are considered to accommodate the unique constraints of each firm. Institutional services also include the licensing and development of proprietary indicators, and integrated ranking and scoring models.

A Unique Approach to Investment Research

Our research approach utilizes conventional statistical methods in conjunction with a unique focus on adaptive algorithms. This highly proprietary technology combines the power of artificial intelligence together with the principles of robust statistics to generate strategies that can learn from the ever-changing market environment. CSS Analytics brings a distinct research focus that combines 1) technical analysis of price and volume factors with proprietary indicators that have gained popularity with traders and institutions worldwide 2) fundamental analysis of balance sheets and income statements using advanced scoring models that build upon the most recent academic research 3) intermarket analysis of factors such as interest rates, yield-curve tilt, credit-spreads and cross-correlation effects using both statistical tools and proprietary indicators  4) seasonality analysis including the turn-of month effect, key-date and monthly cycles.

Products and Services

  • Licensing of established strategies, and the creation of new and customized strategy development
  • Provision of proprietary analytics, and the ability to build unique analytics covering a wide range of variables
  • Development of scoring and ranking models for stocks, futures, and ETFs for different time frames
  • Refinement of existing portfolio management, hedging, trade management algorithms and position-sizing using advanced tools to add concrete value
  • Writing customized “white papers” in a classic academically rigorous format yet with a communication style that is easy to follow with advanced graphics

Our Team

Our team consists of experienced traders, computer programmers, and mathematicians to ensure that our solutions are rigorous yet designed with a dedicated focus on practical client application.